Instructor-Led Training Catalog

Accident Investigations Techniques

Length: 3 hrs
A thorough investigation can determine how and why accidents (or near-misses) occur, helping you prevent more disastrous accidents from happening. Also included is the multi-step process for an effective accident investigation and the report that’s issued upon completion.

Avoiding the “Top 10” Supervisor Mistakes

Length: 2 hrs
Employment mistakes are easy to make, hard to correct, and impossible to undo. But we all can learn from the mistakes of others. This training reviews real scenarios that demonstrate the “Top 10” mistakes supervisors make. In addition, best practice recommendations are provided for: effectively recruiting the right employees for your organization; establishing an effective onboarding process for your organization; fostering a positive culture and working relationship with employees (including performance evaluations and performance management); providing consistent communication with co-workers, and transferring knowledge when an employee leaves the organization.

Background Investigations

Length: 1 hr
Everyone wants to know everything about an applicant, but the law says you can’t base hiring decisions on any protected class status. With so many different aspects that are “protected”, it can feel like there is little left to check. And some employers have been successfully sued because they DIDN’T check enough. This course will provide guidance and techniques to conduct effective background checks.

Dealing with People Who Are Different than Me

Length: 2 hrs
In today’s workforce, employees have many different ways of looking at their jobs and the working world in general. A Baby Boomer may have a perspective that’s unlike a Millennial’s, while a Gen Xer may approach problem solving in a completely unique way. Understanding and identifying these different characteristics and perspectives of our employees is critical to a successful working relationship. Understanding why we are all different not only helps a supervisor create a great place to work, it also helps to increase productivity and boost morale. This session will identify some of the similarities and the differences of the generations in the workplace today.

Family Leave & ADA

Length: 2-3 hrs
Do you take into consideration the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when approving an employee for family leave? Do you know when you can say “no” to a request for time-off? Do you know how your entity handles family leave and ADA accommodation requests? In this interactive training, we will review information about family leave and the ADA, as well as best practices for responding to leave, disability and accommodation requests.

Harassment, Equal Employment and Other Laws that Matter to You

Length: 2 hrs
Understanding and preventing occurrences of harassment based on sex, race, age, disability or any other protected class is critical in the workplace. Acts of discriminatory behavior, harassment and retaliation carry internal risks such as reduced productivity and low morale. And, they can mean lawsuits against employers and employees for engaging in, or tolerating such acts. Knowing the law and learning a few guidelines can keep employees from unwittingly causing harassment claims, as well as aid victims in protecting themselves, their co-workers, and the entity. This class includes content on bullying. A version of this training that is more specific for supervisors and managers is also available.

Hazard Identification in the Workplace

Length: 2 hrs
This course delivers real-world examples of hazards in the workplace. Participants will learn to identify hazards during their required quarterly walk-through inspections of their facilities. Many OR-OSHA rules and regulations are discussed pertaining to the reviewed examples.

Hiring Right to Avoid Managing Tough

Length: 2 hrs
Recruiting and interviewing are time-consuming processes, but hiring the wrong person can be even more costly. This training takes you through key steps and introduces easy-to-use tools to help you and your team be successful at hiring the right person the first time! Attendees will learn the different types of interview formats; how to develop questions to learn about the candidate’s past experiences in the hard-to-identify key competencies of a job; and how to train your interview panel for a successful interview process.

How to Evaluate a Police Chief and a Police Department

Length: 2 hrs
This session will provide examples, tips, and techniques to conduct effective employment evaluations for police department, officers and chiefs through the use of surveys, department data to include calls for service, citizen complaints, and grievances.

Ladder Safety

Length: 1 hr
This course covers the basic safety rules for the use of different types of ladders – including step ladders, and extension ladders. The course will also cover inspection procedures, loading, transporting, storage, unsafe acts, and the “dos and don’ts” in ladder safety.

Learning to Love Performance Evaluations

Length: 3.5 hrs
Both new supervisors and seasoned managers know that keeping notes on employee performance issues, memorializing conversations with employees, and drafting thoughtful and thorough disciplinary notices are just some of the documentation tasks that must be handled on an almost daily basis. Yet, many supervisors/managers end up with documentation that won’t help them defend against discrimination or retaliation lawsuits, or in some cases help the employee bring a claim in the first place.

Under the direction of CIS staff, attendees will have several opportunities during the workshop to draft disciplinary and performance-based documentation for potentially complicated situations and receive tips for making performance, disciplinary and termination documents the best (and most professional) they can be. Participants will also learn how to properly present termination news to an employee.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Length: 1 hr
This course covers the Oregon OSHA rules, requirements, training, documentation, recordkeeping, and differences between various types of PPE required, and employer/employee responsibilities. Explicit examples of mishaps resulting from employees failing to use the property PPE, or failing to use PPE as required, will be discussed in this training.

Risk Management for Law Enforcement

Length: 4 hrs
This course focuses on the specific risk management issues faced by law enforcement executives. Featured will be tips and techniques to help reduce law enforcement injuries and claims.

Risk Management Techniques for Reducing Sewer Backup Liability

Length: 2 hrs
A good sewer maintenance program systematically addresses aging sewer systems, establishes mapping and historical databases, and gives you important insights on how to respond to routine maintenance. This training provides advice on how to create your own improvement and replacement programs, and touches upon the application of OR-OSHA rules and regulations. The workshop concludes with highlights of court requirements that can lessen or eliminate your liability exposures.

Safe Driver Training – Winter Driving

Length: 1.5 hrs
Even the best driver can be tested by pouring rain, falling snow and freezing pavement. This program will help you recognize the particular challenges presented by inclement weather, and learn techniques to overcome them.

Participants will learn the effects of weather on vehicle performance and about tire pressure, tire types, and 4WD and AWD limitations. This training reviews techniques for driving on wet and slippery roads, through standing water, in low visibility situations, and in other inclement weather conditions. Attendees will learn about common winter driving hazards associated with the loss of tire grip in winter conditions and how to avoid these hazards and receive tips on winterizing vehicles.

Safe Driver Training: 15-Passenger Vans

Length: 1.5 hrs
This course is designed for operators of 15-Passenger Vans, smaller-sized vans that carry passengers, small bus transit operators and cargo van operators. Participants will learn common hazards associated with passenger vans – including general safety issues, weight and passenger limitations, vehicle inspections, use of mirrors, following distances, seat belt use, van speed limits, driver age limits, roof racks, loads, trailer hitches, and much more. Risk managers, loss control officers, safety committee members, department heads, and supervisors of vehicle operators are also encouraged to attend.

Safe Driver Training: Driven to Distraction

Length: 1.5 hrs
Motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of work-related fatalities, and distractions are the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Vehicle accidents can significantly cost employers in lost wages, employee absenteeism, property damages and more. This training provides a review of safe driving skills and techniques for avoiding collisions.

Safety Committee

Length: 4 hrs
A safety committee is more than just a mandate. It plays a critical role in maintaining a safe work environment, and provides a forum for employees to voice their concerns about safety issues. Join a CIS Risk Management Consultant to learn safety committee requirements, and how to energize your committee’s meetings.

This 4-hour, interactive workshop will teach you how other CIS members have made their safety committee meetings and quarterly worksite inspections more successful. You’ll also satisfy the OR-OSHA requirements for safety committee member training.

Supervisor 101

Length: 2 hrs
This training is designed to help individuals make the jump from team member to team leader by providing best practices for listening and communicating effectively; tools to help you stay organized; techniques for delegating tasks and conducting effective meetings, and a review of pertinent employment laws and policies.

Violence in the Workplace

Length: 2 hrs
This training examines how workplace violence is defined; risk factors that point to possible workplace violence; spotting and reporting warning signs; who workplace violence affects; four types of workplace violence; building a commitment to safety - including techniques to deal with difficult people and avoid possible violent scenarios, and personal safety and de-escalation.

Workers’ Compensation Training for Supervisors

Length: 1.5 hrs
This interactive training will help you learn the ins and outs of what happens when you have someone injured on the job, and how you play an instrumental role in reaching a win-win outcome. We will talk about the anatomy of a WC claim and how the claims process works, your role as a supervisor, the importance of keeping your employee at work, and managing continued periods of disability.

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